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K-bed bottom

A Maxwell Acme Nut is a commonly replaced part on the Maxwell Kbed. It was uniquely designed to break instead of the motor if excess weight is placed on the bed. Other beds require that the whole motor must be replaced while the Kbed can be affordably repaired with the replacement of these Kbed Acme Nuts. The Maxwell acme nut at the foot of the bed has a "tube collar" attached that causes the foot motor to shut off sooner than the head motor.

We manufacture the black Maxwell Kbed acme nut pictured here. Older beds had a light blue nut, unfortunately we do not manufacture these. The black pair is sold as a set for $95 shipped in the US, $135 shipped to Canada. Orders are typically shipped within 3-5 business days. CLICK HERE to submit an order request, or ask about our Maxwell Upgrade special pricing to get a new bed! We accept all major credit cards.

Kbed Acme Nut Foot
K bed Acme Nut Head

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